Information | Getting started at MP


We receive many enquiries every week at Macclesfield Performance. The most common question is “how do I join and what does signing up entail?”

It occurred to us that for us, this is a simple every day occurrence but to many the first step, and joining up to a gym, can often be quite confusing and concerning especially where of course hard earned money is involved.

One thing you can count on at Macclesfield Performance and Run Macclesfield is we are honest, open and upfront with information. We like to leave no uncertainty or concerns for our members.

We have decided to list below, the most common process for signing up so you know exactly what to expect if you decide to pay us a visit and/or join one one of our memberships in future.

One off sessions

Booking a one off session is easy. Simply head to our booking page and choose what you’d like to do, choose the number of people joining you, have your card at the ready and pay the classes/course/open gym fee.


Signing up to a membership package is much the same as booking a one off session. Choose your package, fill in your contact details and input your card details.

Members do not need to book classes if their membership package includes classes, just show up and join in.

a) Your first payment will be taken immediately from your account.

b) You will receive a confirmation email. Make sure you keep hold of it.

c) If you have chosen a membership package then this is a payment subscription. Payment for this subscription will leave your account on the same date each month.

d) Remember we said to keep hold of your confirmation email? You can use this email to cancel your membership subscription at any time. You will see there is a link on that email for cancellation. There are no fees or early exit charges. We do not offer refunds but as you pay in advance of the month you have the whole month to enjoy what you paid for should you decide to leave at any time.

Some of our membership packages come with additional perks such as discounts and freebies. If any of these interest you and match your subscription be sure to get in touch for more information.

These discounts include

  • Money off 121 coaching and personal training.

  • Money off sports therapy, rehabilitation and sports massage.

  • Free posture and movement screening.

  • Access to courses and programmes only available to certain level members.

Still not sure of what to do?

Give us a call or drop us a line to arrange for one of our staff to show you around and talk you through our timetable and your options at Macclesfield Performance and Run Macclesfield.