Tom is a fully qualified Sports Rehabilitator and Semi-Professional rugby player with a working background in professional sport, private medical insurance and private practice.

Specialising in Injury Rehabilitation, Tom qualified in 2016 with a degree in Sports Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage. Since graduating Tom has wasted no time in plying his skills. He has spent time with professional cricketers, footballers, triathletes, Red Bull athletes as well as working alongside world class physiotherapists at several established clinics in the North West.

With a background in elite level sport, both as a semi-professional rugby player and his various roles, Tom is well equipped to treat a variety of conditions, injuries and issues.

Tom specialises in Injury rehabilitation through a combination of hands-on manual techniques, subjective and objective musculoskeletal assessment instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation, sports massage and specific individualised exercise rehabilitation.

What you can expect with a session with Tom – Your first session will be a full assessment, where he will ask a range of questions to get a full medical, exercise and injury history. From there he will carry out an objective assessment, which could include a postural assessment and specific muscular, ligament, nerve and joint testing relating to the issue at hand. From there he will devise a treatment plan specific to you, which might include soft tissue work, 1-2-1 rehabilitation and an individualised gym or home based exercise programme, depending on your issue.