Session Information | Yoga with Emma


Yoga at Macclesfield Performance is lead by EmaYoga and is a disciplined yet light-hearted and enjoyable way to enjoy yoga classes.

Emma mixes Hatha and Vinyasa to stretch, tone and warm the body.
Her classes work every muscle and joint, unlocking greater mobility, flexibility and improve range of motion as well as giving mental calm and focus.

Emma likes to lead pure and simple yoga classes designed to be accessible for anyone - of any age, flexibility or ability. So if you are new to Yoga or looking for a greater challenge, then these classes are for you.

Our weekly small group Yoga classes at Macclesfield Performance are like no other. Combining the energised and exciting environment of Macclesfield Performance while enjoying the benefit of Yoga in an informal, friendly and fun space - “Each class is different and challenging to your own ability.”

Emma’s unique approach to her yoga sessions is precisely why we have asked her to join our team, she can often be found hanging out in Manchester Airport offering Yoga for staff in the busy terminal.
Emma’s energy blends beautifully with Macclesfield Performance and in to the sessions she leads here.

Tuesdays: 09.30-10.20