If you intend to train at Macclesfield Performance you will be asked to complete a “Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire”more commonly known as a “PAR-Q”.

Below are some FAQs about this waiver and medical questionnaire.

+ What is PAR-Q?

The PAR-Q, or physical activity readiness questionnaire, is a simple self-screening tool that can and should be used by anyone who is planning to start an exercise program. It can help your trainer design an ideal exercise programme based on the information you provide.

+ What information will I be asked to provide?

All the questions are designed to help us be aware of any potential health risks associated with exercise. The questions on the PAR-Q aim to uncover heart, circulatory, medication, emotional, and joint problems that could make exercise difficult, or even dangerous for some people.

+ What if I have a medical issue or condition on the list?

Do not worry, if you have a medical condition simply tick "yes" on the form and tell the coach on duty. You will be asked to explain this in more detail. This helps us know more about your condition and helps us to prescribe the correct exercise programme for you with your condition in mind if necessary.

+ Will I be asked for any other information?

Yes, you will also be asked to provide us with your contact details and the contact details of an emergency contact for us to keep on file for you. All details will be securley stored. You may change this information at any time.