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Join a community that is passionate, determined and supportive. Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got exactly what you need at Macclesfield Performance. If membership isn’t for you simply pay as you go to any of our classes or open gym sessions. It’s as simple as that!



£25 - Open Gym Membership
£25 - Run Macclesfield Membership
£40 - Standard Membership
£50 - Elite Membership £130 - Elite Family Membership

Pay As You Go

£4 - 30 Minute Class £5 - 45 - 60 Minute Class £5 - Open Gym

Coaching & Personal Training

We offer Personal Training and 121 Coaching. All our team have an extensive background in coaching and programming. Every client receives structured programming, essential to continually progress and avoid plateaus.

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“The facility is EPIC”

“I’ve been training at Macclesfield Performance for over 4 years and joining this amazing place has resulted in me progressing from a recreational gym goer to a Team GB age-group duathlete - finding an incredible coach, meeting a whole group of fantastic people and making some great friends along the way!

The facility is EPIC - high quality strength & conditioning kit and a great space that sees such a wide variety of people of all abilities making use of it.

The knowledge of the coaches is second to none - with technique being at the heart of everything they teach, they’re really friendly and a right laugh too.”

- Natalie


 “No egos, no gimmicks, just genuine people and experienced coaches“

“Macclesfield Performance is an amazing place to get fit and train. I spent the best part of my life as a clumsy, uncoordinated, gym-ophobe but over the last three years, MP has completely transformed my outlook on exercise and what my body can do.

The coaches dedication to correct form and strong foundations is second to none. Having ridden and trained horses all my life I knew the importance of this for my horses but not for me.

Twice now MP has helped rehabbed me back from sprained ankles (told you I was clumsy), safely and effectively.

There are no egos, no gimmicks, just genuine people and experienced coaches who know what you can achieve and how to get you there, even if you don't. For the first time in my life, I understand and appreciate my body and I could not praise Macclesfield Performance highly enough!“

- Nicole

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“Would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.”

“I joined Macclesfield Performance after going to a few of the other gyms in the area and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a place to exercise. 

The staff are friendly, informative and caring and the classes are fun and enjoyable.
I have made loads of new friends and have been encouraged to push my boundaries to achieve goals I would have never have thought possible.“

- Jon