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Traditionally, movement screenings were a tool used in hospitals and physiotherapy clinics to identify imbalances, functionality and asymmetries in the musculoskeletal system. The main function, to prevent injury by identifying and improving any dysfunction, and programming specific exercises to correct these movement patterns.

 So why are they rarely implemented in training environments?

My earliest knowledge of movement screening was the Functional Movement Screening program at university as part of my Sports Rehabilitation Degree. However, by that point I had been playing contact sport and training in a gym since I was 14 years old. It therefore begs the question, why, as a teenager was I not put through a simple movement screen in one of these training environments? Could I have potentially avoided significant injuries if I was aware of my own movement patterns?  

At Macclesfield Performance we implement our own individualised movement screening program to ensure that you are proficient enough to perform certain exercises and movements specific to strength and conditioning. We implement this to;

a) Prevent and limit the chance of injury.

b) Ensure you have the technical ability to perform certain exercises that are crucial for S&C programming.

Movement screenings are not about picking out every little flaw in your body. It is about educating and empowering you and optimising your training. So, if you’re having doubts and thinking “why would I need a movement screening? I’m just a runner or I just do a conditioning class” then you are mistaken!

Everyone from your average Joe to your elite athlete will benefit from a movement screening, whether it be to improve your running style, or to ensure you are performing certain exercises correctly, every level of performance can be assessed and improved, even movements performed in day to day work life can be assessed and improved.

The movement screenings here at MP are 1-2-1 based, therefore allowing a more individualised analysis of your movement performance. All the coaches at MP are trained to carry out movement screenings and are all trained in a variety of fitness backgrounds.

Myself, I am a Sports Rehabilitator by trade with a background in sports injury rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and exercise rehabilitation, with a degree in sports conditioning, rehabilitation and massage. With additional experience in private practice and with professional sports teams, I am well equipped to take you through your movement screening.

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