News | Run Macclesfield Relaunch


March 2018 marked the start of an exciting transformation for Macclesfield Performance.

It was “out with the old, in with the new” - new equipment, new time table, new coaches and a new outlook on how we delivered our sessions to you. We are delighted to have seen the gym go from strength to strength in the last 16 months and we continue to look for ways of bringing you even more as members and regular visitors of our independent strength & performance facility in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Run Macclesfield (Formerly DS Running Club) has been a huge part of Macclesfield Performance and we are really pleased to see that our committed running club has so many happy and dedicated runners every week.

For many years now our RM coaching team have worked hard to ensure that our runners, no matter what their ability, receive the coaching and programming they need to improve as runners.

Emma, Natalie & Rich are keen to see the club continue to grow and to stand out from the crowd, known for for the quality coaching our runners receive. As such, we will be making some exciting changes to help each of our runners become more capable within their groups and with their goals.

From end of August 2019, each group will have their own dedicated coach. The groups will be as follows:

  • T Group - Coached by Natalie, Tuesdays at 18.30.

  • W Group - Coached by Rich, Wednesdays at 18.30.

  • S Group - Coached by Emma, Saturdays at 09.30.

Each of the groups will be programmed by the dedicated group coach and will be multi-terrain groups, meaning all of our runners will become efficient and familiar with both road and trail running.
Each of the groups will meet at Macclesfield Performance at the allocated time slot, unless your coach has informed you otherwise with notice prior to your run day.

The group coach will offer a weekly update on the upcoming runs and locations if anything changes via our social media feeds. You can also contact the session coach directly to request information if you do not have social media access.

You will not be restricted to just one group, runners that wish to run in more than one group a week are of course invited to do so. The only condition being you must be capable, as per the group description.

We will be releasing information on each of the groups, the coaches, and what to expect from September over the next 3 weeks. Starting with information on “T Group” with Natalie, so watch this space.