News | Nominated Charities 2019

We have decided at Macclesfield Performance to dedicate all of our fundraising events of 2019 to the Teenage Cancer Trust and The Christie this year. 

Fundraising is a very personal thing, often it is hard to decide who to fund raise for.  However for us it has been easy to decide. 

Some of you already know head coach and director of Macclesfield Performance & Run Macclesfield, Dom, has a young nephew Max. Max has been fighting Leukaemia since his 15th birthday in February 2017, and it has made a return this week. Meaning Max will be coming out of maintenance and undergoing more intense treatment for the coming months.

Max is one of a kind, a strong willed and vibrant, talented 16 year old musician, who has shown everyone around him how to live life to the full and be himself and do things his way no matter how hard it can sometimes be to do that!  

Max is without a doubt and inspiration in so many ways! 

The Teenage Cancer Trust has been there for Max every step of the way since his original diagnosis.  They give support to Max and other young patients in hospital, arrange days out to lift spirits, provide counseling, engage with medical professionals and are there at some of the hardest and greatest moments in a young cancer sufferers life.  

The charity is dedicated to better the support, treatment, education and awareness for young people with cancer from research and development to entertainment and facilities creation, the Teenage Cancer Trust thinks of it all! 

Max is being treated at The Christie in Manchester.  Following his first stint of intense treatment at The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Max was moved as an outpatient to The Christie to continue his treatment after he turned 16.  The Christie are dedicated to caring for cancer patients and their charitable trust fund helps do just that.  The Christie is at the forefront of cancer research, and fundraising goes towards research, care, treatment, patient support and education.

Max himself has requested that we fundraise for both of these charities so that is what we intend to do. 

We will be putting together a series of fundraising events over the next 11 months that we hope you all get well involved in. We will also be doing mini-fundraisers all year long, collection boxes, raffles, etc and request that if you do any sponsored challenges or events this year that you consider the Teenage Cancer Trust and The Christie as your nominated charity’s also. 

We are really excited abut this and welcome any support and ideas along the way. 

Thanks everyone.