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As well as a regular open gym, we also have classes, courses, personal training and 121 coaching every day in our unique Strength & Performance facility!

Our memberships include, Open Gym only, Run Macclesfield only, Standard and Elite.

We have recently introduced our "Family" membership package, for all you mums and dads that have active teens who like to workout with you. 

It is often difficult juggling everyone’s schedules as parents as well as taking care of your own.
Just when you think that having a teenager with a little more independence will mean you can have the same it soon becomes apparent that isn’t the case as teenagers want just as much of your time as younger children do, this can often include carting too and from the gym.
Exercise is of course a great thing so why not encourage it?

Not only does our Elite Family Membership make MP membership more affordable as a family package it also encourages you and your teens to do something positive together, building a great family unit on healthy foundations.

Our Elite Family Membership offers you and your kids everything our individual “Elite” package offers.
Open gym and classes access.  Run Macclesfield group sessions and courses.  Macclesfield Performance courses and seminars and a free 90 minute movement screening.  

All the family also get 10% off 121 Coaching and Personal Training, discounted sports massage and rehabilitation.  

There are no tie-ins on any of our memberships so you can come and go as you please month by month, meaning school holidays and Christmas won’t be interfered with.

You can find out more information on our booking page.

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