Session Information | Cyclone 30


Join in with one of our most popular weekly classes. Cyclone is a twice weekly progressive interval training programme on Keiser M3 Spin Bikes.

Attendees benefit from structured and challenging cardiovascular conditioning. This indoor cycling course is a fun and progressive course of sessions suitable for all abilities and people with all goals. 

Cyclone, is led by MP coach Sam, with improved performance and health as the footstone of each session.

Unique in style, Cyclone is not your average “Spin” style session. Those who attended our regular sessions have seen measurable improvements in:

  • Cardiovascular fitness.

  • Reduced body fat.

  • Personal progression.

  • Improved performance. 

  • Confidence and direction with their training.

Each session applies structure and teaches consistency, to gain the best possible results. Participants become efficient at tapping into different energy systems and maintaining power effectively as they work hard each week to meet their own benchmarks. At Cyclone you don’t just assume the workout is doing you good, you see yourself get better as the group regularly sets goals be be achieved.

We lead Cyclone 30 sessions from Hulleys Spin Studio, Club AZ, AstraZeneca, Macclesfield.
Mondays: 12.15-12.45 / Fridays: 16.30-17.00