Equipment | Wattbike at Macclesfield Performance


At Macclesfield Performance we are proud to offer our clients use of a brand new top of the range WattBike Trainer.

“Engineered to enhance the performance of any athlete, the Wattbike can be used as an addition to your training as a complete beginner or elite athlete. Designed to perfectly replicate the sensation of riding on the road. WattBike has been created to be the ultimate indoor cycling experience.”

Watt bike isn’t just a bike. It’s a computer, created to compile accurate performance data alongside top of the range power gauge technology. For those wanting to increase power and performance in cycling Wattbike is the bike for you! 

Specifically designed with performance in mind Wattbike gives you precise individualised data that can be used by professional athletes and beginners alike to get the best out of themselves in the gym which can be reflected out on the roads also. 

Do you ride with a power meter attached to your bike? Use what bike to gauge your FTP and PES then translate that to your ride outside.

Do you want to lose fat, get fitter and in better shape? Use what bike as a low impact way to get high impact results.

Are you rehabilitating an injury? Use what bike to get accurate data on imbalances, strengths and progress post injury and during rehabilitation.

Are you training for an event or a challenge? Use what bike to track your training sessions and adapt your programming to you. Even allow it to create the program for you to follow, wattbike offers countless training plans inbuilt into the Wattbike Hub and onboard bike memory. 

If you are keen to use Wattbike as part of your regular training routine, why not join our “Open Gym’ membership for just £25/month or Pay As You Go for just £5/gym pass.
Either way to guarantee the bike is available for you.
Make sure you book it out (this is free to do) via our booking page also once your visit/membership is confirmed, you can allocate time frames for you to use it, this is a way to ensure that when you arrive the bike is not already in use.