Testimonial | Kim


I contacted Macclesfield Performance’s Head Coach Dom directly in December 2016 for help.

I had hit rock bottom. I was self-conscious, I had no confidence, and had a constant negative mood. I met with Dom and arranged to have 121 personal training sessions, for one hour every other week. I also arranged to attend a Run Macclesfield session once a week, and classes PADS and core conditioning. I knew that I wanted the old me back, and contacting Dom was my first step.

My motivation and determination grew from my first 121 session with Dom. I felt positive and happy after my sessions, and began to love my body again. Slowly but surely, my confidence began to grow, and I became less self-conscious. I was also developing muscle!

With Dom’s experience and support, I began lifting heavier weights and became stronger. I began to push myself further and set myself new goals to smash. I couldn’t wait for my next sessions.

In summer of 2017, I started the twelve week strength and conditioning course ran by Louis at Macclesfield Performance. A group class of ten people lead twice a week for an hour. I enjoyed the course that much, that I have now completed my sixth course and to not intend on stopping. You learn a lot in the sessions, and also meet great people and have a laugh along the way.

Every aspect of my training at MP is fun, and I am learning so much. In my 121 sessions with the coaches at MP I learn techniques of exercises, as well as which muscles I am using. Knowledge is key to performing a correct technique.

In “PADS”, a boxing based interval training class, I push my cardio to the limit and release all of my daily frustrations. Everybody can relate to having a bad day at work and struggling to juggle a hectic life.

“Run Macclesfiled” which is lead by both Emma and Natalie, is another aspect to Macclesfield Performance, ideal for keen runners or those that want to learn to run. I get to run different routes and distances with the groups.

In strength and conditioning I get to develop my progress week on week. Core Conditioning classes help me me test and progress my core strength.

In late summer of 2017 I discussed with Dom a new goal that even six months prior, I never would have dreamed of. I wanted to transform my body and compete in a bikini modelling competition. Dom was very supportive and suggested I work with Louis for my new goal, as Louis is a bodybuilder as well as a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

In winter of 2017 Louis started my nutrition and exercise plans. I initially found this challenging as it was a whole new routine, and I had to juggle everyday life and fit everything in. Four weeks in, and I had myself a new routine and was seeing changes. I was enjoying the challenge, the exercise plan and also nutrition plan. It is now my goal to compete in May 2019. This gives me enough time to transform my body and to be prepared to step on that stage and show myself and the world my achievements.

As with anything in life, there are setbacks, and not everything goes to plan. In early February 2018 I had the flu which was followed by a chest infection. This hindered my training and nutrition for a three week period. However, I am back to feeling great and am more determined than ever to achieve my goals, and to be a healthy and happy me.

Macclesfield Performance has helped me to achieve more than I ever thought possible, and the goals keep on growing which is amazing. From Dom’s support and encouragement, to Louis nutrition and bodybuilding experience, to Natalie cheering me on in strength and conditioning classes, to Emma’s recommendations and help with my running and gait analysis. They are all fantastic coaches and are always there to help and support you. The members are friendly, and you enjoy exercising.

Thank you Macclesfield Performance for all that you have done, and all that you continue to do for me!

I cannot recommend Macclesfield Performance highly enough.