Session Information | Run Macclesfield


No matter your experience, your pace, your distance or your goals at Run Macclesfield we want runners from all backgrounds to feel welcome to come and run with us!  That’s why our timetable has four regular group running sessions on offer 3-days a week, every week – lead by our team of UKA qualified running coaches and run leaders.

T-Group (Tuesday 6.30-7.30pm)

Suitable for runners able to run an average pace of 10-min/mile or faster over 5km. T-Group is a 40-60 minute group running session, with a different focus each week. From road to trail, intervals to endurance, uphill to downhill running and high to low intensity – every week your coach Nat will lead you through a progressive running programme providing guidance and feedback on running technique and intensity.

Our routes are a minimum of 3-miles, but for the speedier runners in the group our ‘loop back’ drill gives an opportunity to cover more miles in the session.

W-Group (Wednesday 6.30-7.30pm)

Each session is suitable for c25Km Graduates and new runners able to run an average pace of 13-min/mile or faster over 5km. W-Group is the next step in your running journey after graduating from our Couch To 5km (C25K) course and for anyone who would like to see progression in their 5km ability.
You will learn to run as a group (without stopping) and we’ll introduce various techniques and sessions within the run. We’ll look at further goals and how to get you there. Whether it’s completion of a Parkrun or even further distances to tackle.

S-Group (Saturdays 09.30-10.30/11.00)

Each session is suitable for runners who can run a sub 9 minute mile on the road for 10km and have a 5km time of sub 26 minutes. Our Saturday morning group offers the more advanced and experienced runner progressive runs designed to boost all round endurance, increase speed and power and improve running technique on the trails and on the road.

45-90 minute group running sessions over varied terrain with endurance runs, baseline testing, hill power, heart rate training, speed sessions all of which are part of a structured running course of sessions week in week out.

Our runners are welcome to run with any group they choose. This means some weeks to provide yourself with a different level of challenge depending on your ability, running goals and other running plans for the week you may wish to run harder or easier.  All we ask is that any runner can meet the target distance or pace ranges of the planned session for the group – so every runner gets the best out of the session.

There really is a coached group run for everyone at Run Macclesfield.