Session Information | Movement Screenings



At Macclesfield Performance we offer 60-90-minute postural assessments designed to help our coaches identify particular movement patterns within our clients that may be contributing factors to reoccurring injury risk, or potential injury risk.

A movement screening can highlight inefficient muscular activation and inefficient joint mobility issues in individuals which in turn can lead to reduced performance and even regular discomfort.

You will be led through a series of movement patterns each designed to help your coach asses your level of strength and mobility in a low impact and controlled environment.

You do not have to be fit and strong to participate in a movement screening. In fact those that are new to exercise can benefit greatly, as a movement screening is the perfect pre-hab tool for anyone looking to start out on a new fitness regime.

You will be given an in depth insight into areas of your body that could present you with issues at a later date should you not address them now, alongside advice as of where to start to correct the issues.

Those that are already suffering from recurrent joint and muscular discomfort have found that attending a movement screening and continuing with the recommendations following the screening has often led to partial or total rehabilitation of the problem.

If you are interested in joining in with our group sessions at Macclesfield Performance but are concerned you will not know how to do the exercises properly. A movement screening can help you and your coaches go through the movement patterns required to participate so you are prepared for your first attendance.

Our movement screenings are free to all MP Elite Members, non-members can book on a 121 movement screenings for £35 or in a small group at £20 per person.