Run Macclesfield Health and Safety policy

To ensure the safety of all our runners Run Macclesfield has produced the following guidelines. The scope of all the below extends across all of our running sessions and groups.

Run Macclesfield encourages all runners to read the below and understand our commitment to your safety and what you as individuals are responsible for.

Run Macclesfield Commitment

As a club Run Macclesfield for our sessions will provide a qualified Coach / Run Leader (from now referred to as CiRF/LiRF) to undertake all sessions. The CiRF/LiRF will undertake a structured warm up session prior the run and cool down post run. A brief will be given to make runners all aware of route, hazards and muster / loop points whilst out on the session

Whilst on the on the run the CiRF/LiRF will have on their person

  • Backpack containing

  • Fully charged phone

  • First Aid Kit (including plasters / foil blanket)

  • Personal Headtorch

The Cirf/LiRF will operate a mustering / looping back system to ensure no runner gets left behind.

All CiRF/LiRF’s are first aid trained.

Runner Commitment (for road running)

Individuals will ensure that they

• Notify Run Macclesfield of any pre-existing medical conditions

• Listen to the run brief

• Run on the pavement not the road.

• Wear weather appropriate clothing

• Provide their own head torch (Run Macclesfields current stock are to be withdrawn)

• Be seen. Ensure on night runs head torches / hi vis are worn

• Wear adequate footwear (Road shoes or Trail, Run Macclesfield will ensure details or route circulated before hand via social media)

• Members of Public are treated with respect and adequate gaps provided for all path users

• No Headphones. Anyone utilising headphones will be asked to take them out or withdrawn for the run

• Stay together. Mustering / loop back must take place to ensure LiRf/CiRF has adequate control of the group

All runners must ensure roads are crossed only when and where it is safe to do so - in accordance with the green cross code and any additional instructions given by your CiRF/LiRF

In Case of Emergency

If the unforeseen happens the following should take place

• CiRF/LiRF First aider to be notified

• 999 or 112 to be called if required

• First aid kit to be utilised

• Runner not to be moved unless in life threatening position

• All incidents to recorded in the accident book

Depending on injury to individual, CiRF/LiRF will take appropriate action either to abandon run session or assess whether runner requires escorting back to the gym or can return alone. Dynamic risk assessment to take place prior decision.

If the acting first aider (CiRF/Lirf) is incapacitated 999 or 112 to be called asap and instructions to be followed as given by emergency telephone response.