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We pride ourselves on offering you the best in educated and experienced coaching at Macclesfield Performance.

Our coaching and personal training team has developed an excellent platform for you to excel in your health and fitness.

Beginner to professional athlete we are confident we can find a personal trainer or coach at MP that is suitable for you!



Director / Head of Strength & Conditioning

With a background in Powerlifting, Strength & Conditioning coach & Personal Trainer Dom has a passion for developing people’s strengths and skills and educating people. 

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Personal Trainer/Strength & Conditioning Coach

Specialising in strength and conditioning for outdoor athletes, coach & personal trainer Sam provides highly personalised, evidence-driven training and coaching to athletes and non-athletes alike.

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Personal Trainer

A keen Crossfitter with a love for creativity in the gym. Mandy has helped clients of all ages and abilities reinvent their shape, gain strength and improve their performance. 

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Running Coach

A UKA qualified running coach and GB Age Group Duathlete. Nat’s love for multisport eventing doesn’t just stop with Running and Cycling.  She has a strong belief in the importance of strength & conditioning to improve athletic performance and prevent injury.

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Running Coach

A UKA qualified running coach and qualified fitness instructor. Emmas’ passion for running has led her to become a GB Ultra sponsored athlete after being recognised for her incredible running ability. 

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Sports Therapist

Ruth has a background in gymnastics, trampolining and personal training alongside her degree in Sports Therapy. Ruth offers sports massage and manual therapy from Macclesfield Performance.

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Sports Therapist

Tom is a fully qualified Sports Rehabilitator and Semi-Professional rugby player. Specialising in Injury Rehabilitation, Tom has a degree in Sports Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage. 

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Leader in Running Fitness

With a passion for Running and all things related. A former Run Macclesfield Couch to 5km graduate, Rich knows first hand how positively Running affected his life.

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Trainee Personal Trainer

Information coming soon.